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The Corporate Finance Academy

The Latin phrase on the banner of the Corporate Finance Academy really describes the basis for the program. It translates to "We learn not for school, but for life." The program was established in 2017 as: "an internship at Freedom Bank that is designed to provide insights to business students with the complementary skills of common sense, people sense and street smarts in an active and positive real world environment."

The Corporate Finance Academy (CFA) is a nine-week paid internship at Freedom Bank. It is held during the summer for college business students entering their junior or senior year in the fall. The days of making copies and filing for internships is over at Freedom Bank. As an intern in the CFA, you will continue the learning experience with things that aren't taught in college - by real-world practitioners, the team that started Freedom Bank from scratch (including Founder, Chairman and CEO Kurt Knutson) - in a real world setting. You will gain firsthand knowledge of the pace of business, soft skills, instructor-led learning, online learning, sales, operations, accounting, credit analysis, loan structuring, negotiation skills, customer meetings, board meetings, management meetings, you will write and produce your own video presentations and you will present to the entire bank before you head back to school. 

Intern Videos

Jack Knutson

University of Kansas

Max Mcvicker
Kansas State University

Cooper Trusdale

University of Kansas

Colin Kenney

Kansas State University

Jake McClain

Arizona State University

Jared Gillen

Swarthmore College

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